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Bonded Fabric to ensure professional appearance

and long lasting durability

• The Vest Carrier design provides all the same key

features of a standard Spiewak uniform shirt

• Two side zipper options on each side of the carrier

provide 3-stage adjustability to ensure a proper,

desired and secure fit

• Side Stretch Material allows for comfort, range of

motion and breathability

• 6 Heavy Duty Elastic Straps (3 in the front and 3 in

the back) hold the armor in place

• The Body Armor’s original cover and straps are

used to secure the armor to the wearer’s body,

ensuring proper fit, placement and coverage

• Padded shoulder and upper chest mesh inner lining

provides added comfort and breathability, further

securing the armor

• 2 way front pockets – accessible from both the top

and side

• Comes with a removable Mic and/or Body Camera



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